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Copyright Snap Click Booth 2016.



In this agreement the following expressions are used and bear the meanings listed,

‘The Client’ – means the, person/s, company, firm, partnership, organisation or other body (listed above in the booking details) that are hiring the service.

‘The Owner’- means William C Gibson (ABN- 21180849721) trading under Business name Snap Click Booth and any employees or attendants.

‘Event Date’- means the date of the event as listed on this form


IT IS AGREED between the owner and the client in consideration of the owner agreeing to hire:-

The client is engaging the owner to provide the service/s listed in the booking form and associated emails and agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this document.

No such agreement or contract shall exist between the owner and the client until the owner has received the booking infomation and confirmed the booking.


Unless otherwise arranged all payments must be made on the night of the event. We do not accept cheques or transfers on the night. We do not have eftpos facilities and we do not carry change. Please ensure payments of cash are in a sealed  envelope with the correct amount inside and ready for the attendant at the start of the night.


We do not require a deposit for our services and we understand that from time to time things change and for whatever reason the event may have to be cancelled or postponed. Before confirming the booking please be sure that you have researched all your options and you are ready to book. We understand that things change and we simply ask that if for some reason you need to cancel the booking or change the date or times you let me know ASAP. If for some reason you need to change the booking date, we cannot guarantee availability on the new date however, if we are available we are happy to change the date.

Access space and power requirements

The client shall provide access to the venue listed above for the owner to unload, setup and dismantle equipment at least 1 hour before the start time and at least 1 hour after the service

finishes .A space of at least 3m x 3m or more will be required for the photo booth area to be setup.The surface on which the owner is to setup equipment cannot be dirt, gravel, grass, or

any other unstable surface. For outside events , the client agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the performers equipment from direct sunlight, rain, high dust or other

contaminants. The client shall provide safe and adequate 240v power supply within 4 meters of the setup area.

Where any equipment is provided by the client including but not limited to extensions cords, power outlets, power boards etc that equipment must be safe and in good working

condition. The client is responsible for paying any charges imposed by the venue, or required to access the venue these charges may include, but are not limited to , parking and


Damage of equipment

The Client shall provide for proper security and safety of the equipment, owner and booth attendants at all times.

The client will be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of earnings and hire fees) to the owners equipment, props, tools vehicles or personal belongings caused by the client,

clients guests, customers or any other person in attendance at the event wether invited or not.

Use of Images

The Client agrees to, and understands the following: All guests using the photo booth hereby give the owner the continuous right and permission to copyright and use of photographic

portraits, pictures, gifs and any other content generated while in the photo booth of any photo booth user or person in the image for or marketing purposes including but not limited to

uploading the images to our website or various social media pages, publishing promotional material, illustration, advertising, trade, or any other purpose.

Images from the event will be stored online on various platforms as per the instructions in this document and in addition to will also be stored on our servers, website and our 3rd party

providers servers, website and in cloud based applications. The owner takes no responsibility for people obtaining copies from the website or social media sites.

The owner will not be held liable for any actions or content generated at the event. Any photographic content that is deemed inappropriate may be discarded at the owners discretion. In

addition I, hereby release, discharge the owner, from any liability, that may occur or be produced in the taking of photographic content, as well as any publication thereof, including

without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

Force Majeure

The owner will not be liable for failing to perform under the agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond our reasonable control, including internet outage, power outage,

equipment failure, interruption of service, labour disturbance, fire, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster, extreme weather events, or war.


The owner reserves the right to advertise at all events with suitable materials such as banners, business cards, slideshows , etc.

Reliance and Warranties

The client acknowledges that by entering into this agreement, the client has satisfied as to the suitability and condition of the goods and services and their fitness for the clients

purpose.The Client and The Owner agree that in the event of a mechanical or equipment failure or inability to provide the service such as the owner cannot provide a functioning photo

booth the owners liability is limited to the hiring fee. The client agrees that the owner will not be held responsible for consequential damages.

Public Liability Statement

The owner is covered by $20 Million public liability insurance. It is the clients responsibility to ensure this is acceptable to the venue. Copies of any certificates of currency are to be made

available by the owner on request from the client or venue.


We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to other parties your personal information. This however does not include trusted external parties who assist us in the operation of our business

including invoicing and billing, conducting our business, or servicing you. We may release your information when we believe or are required to comply with the law, enforce our site

policies, or protect ours or others’ rights, property, or safety.


The owner employees or attendants are expected to work in a safe, non-abusive and non-hostile environment. Any mistreatment or abuse of the attendant, owner, equipment or anyone

accompanying the owner, in any way will result in the immediate discontinuing of services with full balance still due. Attendants are to be treated with respect at all times and are to be

provided with a supplier meal at all functions of 4 hrs or more.

The owner may pause or terminate the use of the photo booth at any time during the event if they consider that any guest or guests are behaving in a way that the owner believes to be

dangerous to themselves or any persons, or potentially damaging to the owners equipment or the venue.

The owner reserves the right to exclude a person or persons from the photo booth if the owner considers that person to be dangerous to themselves or any persons, or potentially

damaging to the owners equipment or the venue this includes guests that are grossly intoxicated or behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner towards the owner employees or attendants.